Automation tools for finance teams.

Dygitized offers a suite of automation solutions for AR and AP.

Sage Accounting Solutions
Sage Solutions

Solutions for automated PO Invoice data extraction, validation and insertion into Sage Accounting.

Xero Accounting Solutions
Xero Solutions

Solutions for automated invoice processing and financial reports.

HubSpot CRM Integration
HubSpot Solutions

Easily exchange supplier, product and deal data between HubSpot and Sage or Xero.

Automated CSV File Invoicing
Automated Invoicing Solutions

Solutions to automate the conversion of CSV Sales Invoice data into PDF invoices which can be mailed to your customers.

Saving Time on Manual invoice entry

Improved Efficiency for Invoice Processing with greater accuracy

Increase your teams productivity using invoice automation. Time saved can then be used to focus on more valuable work which can enhance the bottom line.

Efficiency - Speed up your Invoice Entry processing using OCR with the Dygitized portal to review and approve real time invoice entry into Sage or Xero. It's as simple as emailing in a scan or PDF document to the platform, performing a quick review and clicking a button to insert the record. No more copying, pasting or manually typing in line items.

Accuracy - Manual processes are time intensive and subject to error. The Dygitized solutions not only capture data, but also validate line items for accuracy, checking NET totals and calculated Gross totals and comparing them to the reported Gross on the OCR captured totals. This ensures that your line items and coding are correct before you create the PO Invoice.

Streamline Sales and Finance interaction

Solve the Quote Quandary - Significant time is spent by many organizations reviewing quotes to ensure correct line item pricing. Issues maintaining a common product list with up to date pricing cause delays in customer acquisition and frustration for your teams. Our platform can help by supporting seamless synchronization of customer data, products, pricing and quote review analysis.

Reduce turnaround time - Our platform allows finance teams to review deals in HubSpot and compare the pricing stored in Sage in real time. This eliminates the manual matching process, cost lookup times and customer validation checks. This lets you approve quotes faster, with automated sales invoice generation into Sage on approval.

Sales and Finance teamwork

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