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HubSpot Connect

HubSpot connect facilitates easily exchanging supplier, product and deal data between HubSpot and Sage or Xero.

Streamline your Sales and Finance processes.

HubSpot is a great CRM tool. The platform helps marketing, sales, service and operations teams work together to deliver a better customer experience. Many organizations still have one more hurdle - how products, quotes and deals get approved for release to the customer. Who 'owns' the product?, who controls pricing?, who should review quotes for accuracy before release?

HubSpot Connect is designed to ease these problems. Approvers can log in to Dygitized, and see a list of deals pending approval. Each line item is validated against the product list, and pricing discrepancies highlighted. Approving a deal creates the Sales Invoice in your finance software. Product pricing data can be synchronized between platforms with a single click, ensuring that all teams have access to the latest product pricing and associated meta data. HubSpot contacts who are associated to a deal can be easily exported to your finance package, ensuring that customer data can be maintained and synchronized on demand.

Product Management

Ownership of product pricing typically resides with either Finance or Sales. HubSpot Connect allows you to push or pull product information across systems with a single click. Once a record is linked, it can be synchronized on demand.

Contact Management

HubSpot facilitates Marketing and Sales lead tracking, resulting in a lot of company and individual contact records. Finance teams only need access to those who require action to be taken in the Finance system. HubSpot Connect extracts a list of all companies, with associated contacts, associated with a closed won deal and allows the customer creation in the finance package with a click. Updates in HubSpot can be pushed to the finance system on demand, allowing you to keep customer records up to date.

Deal Management

Deals can be viewed through the Dygitized platform, allowing approvers to get a simple view of the deals pending approval and associated line items. Product pricing is checked against the finance systems pricing data and variations are highlighted. Missing products or contact information are highlighted as critical errors, saving approvers time and effort cross referencing information from two different systems.

Key Features:

  • Company and individual contact synchronization
  • Bi-directional support for product synchronization
  • Deal review tool, supporting approval and automated sales invoice creation in the finance package.
  • Deal validation checking
Supported Platforms

The following packages can be used with your HubSpot Connect tool:
  • Sage Accounting online
  • Xero

Please note that you must have an active e-commerce enabled subscription with HubSpot to utilize the product synchronization tools.

Key Feature Usage

There are three common uses for HubSpot Connect:

  • Contact Management
  • Product Management
  • Deal Approvals

Contact Management: HubSpot connect extracts a list of customers with associated deals marked as won. From here you can then click on 'Create Record' to push that contact information to your finance package. If you have already previously pushed the data, you are presented with an option to update that record.

Product Management: - Simply click on "Send Products" or "Export Products" to transfer data either to the finance package or export from the finance package to Hubspot respectively. Once exported, a record link is created to store the link between the two systems, allowing you to update product data in either direction just by clicking the button.

Deal Approval View all deals pending approval on a single screen. discrepancies in pricing are highlighted for ease of review (e.g. if the HubSpot deal is using a price of £800 and your Finance package says it should be £900, you will see an alert text showing you the price mismatch). The Dygitized platform also verifies that the product exists, and that line item was not created outside of the product database.

Pricing depends on user volumes (e.g. login names required for Dygitized). This may be somewhat dependent on your Finance software configuration, since multiple accounts may be needed if different finance users have different levels of access to either customers, products or sales invoices. Please fill out the form below to get an estimate.


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