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CSV2PDF is a simple tool which can take your CSV based invoicing data, convert it to a PDF Invoices using your custom template and mail it to your customers. It is the ideal solution when integration options are limited due to system restrictions or time constraints.

The case for simple sales invoice automation.

There are two common models for managing the hand over of a closed sale to the Finance team in SME's. Either:

  1. Sales generates the Sales Invoice from the CRM, which is then approved by Finance before it is released to the client
  2. Sales generates the Sales Invoice from the CRM, which is passed to Finance who then enter it to another system before sending the invoice from that system

Both of these methods generate delays in getting Sales Invoices out to customers. Generally speaking, in either model, there is a communications overhead with email threads or paper based copies moving around, manager approvals and reviews which, whilst important, do not help the profit margin. Integration between CRM and Finance systems may not always be possible, so streamlining becomes difficult and with no other options, the business has to bear this overhead.

Where can Dygitized help?

All of the major CRM systems allow CSV or Excel exports of closed sales. Typically these systems will export a list of line items with associated cost information, customer information and status information. Approvers can then deal with one file, and once approved, the file can be processed through CSV2PDF to generate the PDF Sales Invoices which are sent to the customer.

What are the benefits?

No matter what system is used, there is always some manual effort required to transfer data from one system to another when no integration exists, either copying and pasting, or direct data entry. CSV2PDF eliminates the effort required around the PDF Invoice Generation - which, depending on the approval model, may be time and effort from Sales to copy and paste data into a PDF and mail it. Batch processing through a combined CSV file eliminates that effort.

How does it work?

CSV2PDF can support SalesForce and HubSpot exports. Simply upload the exported CSV data to Dygitized. It will then process the CSV, generate the PDF invoices using an invoice template, and mail them to the specified customer email address. If required, additional services are available to either upload those PDF via sFTP or attach a copy on the CRM platform.

Key Features:

  • Support for SalesForce and HubSpot CSV exports
  • Additional custom CSV formats can be accommodated
  • Editable Email Subject and Email Body of the emails sent with the PDF attachment.
  • Editable Invoice Headers and Footers
  • Configurable email server settings
  • Transaction log of all invoices sent
Editable Templates:

The Email Subject, Email body, Invoice Header and Footer are easily editable through a WYSIWIG editor. Invoice Fields can be embedded in to the header and footer by using a series of reserved keywords, for example, #invoicedate#. The fill list of these keywords is below:

Code Description
#name# Inserts customer name
#address# Inserts Customer Address. Line returns are added after each comma in the address.
#invoicedate# Inserts the invoice date as formatted in the CSV
#duedate# Inserts the due date as formatted in the CSV
#invoicenumber# Inserts the invoice number
#ordernumber# Inserts the order number
#net# Inserts the NET amount of the invoice. This is formatted to 2 decimal places, even if the number provided is a whole number.
#vat# Inserts the VAT amount of the invoice. This is formatted to 2 decimal places, even if the number provided is a whole number.
#gross# Inserts the Gross amount of the invoice. This is formatted to 2 decimal places, even if the number provided is a whole number.

Easy bulk invoicing directly from CSV exports

Getting up and running with CSV2PDF is easy. Customize your email content, Invoice format, mail server settings and you are ready to go.

Configure your email subject and body: Set up your email subject and body, embedding items such as customer name and invoice date using a simple tagging system.

Configure your invoice header and footer - Set up your Invoice headers and footers using a simple editor. You can link your company logo, color scheme and meta data simply and easily. Please note that your company logo needs to be accessible via a URL.

Configure your mail server You can use any SMTP mail server to send your invoices, including your existing company server. CSV2PDF has also been integrated with SMTP2Go, which may be used if you desire a commercial mailing service which provides delivery tracking.

Send your invoices! You can now start using CSV2PDF. Simply upload your CSV file, and the system will report a list of invoice numbers and email addresses which were processed.

Pricing depends on invoice volumes. Please fill out the form below to get an estimate.


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