Privacy Statement

This statement explains how we capture, use and store any data captured from your device, browser or user entered data. The scope of this statement includes all publicly accessible web pages. Pages secured by login credentials have a separate Privacy statement which is agreed prior to accessing the related service.

Who are we?

Dygitized is a brand name for CB Automation. Two types of products are provided. These are online SaaS products, and web development related services. CB Automation is the sole owner of the the brand name, web site and related IP.

What kind of information do we collect?

We use three external services to capture data. An explanation of these is below:

Cloudflare is a secure CDN (Content Distribution Network) that uses proxy servers around the world to deliver content quickly from the cloud. This network of servers means that users can quickly access from a Cloudflare server near their physical location and as such experience faster content delivery. This is an essential service, and cannot be disabled as end users would no longer be able to access the site.
This site provides like, share and comment features using the Facebook API. No Facebook related data is captured by Dygitized beyond what Facebook shares with Dygitized through their portal. Facebook users have a separate agreement with Facebook regarding their data capture and usage. Please note that as per EU guidelines, the like, share and comment features are not rendered unless the user has logged in to Facebook on their browser.
Google Analytics
Dygitized has integrated with Google Analytics, which captures data related to the usage of the web site. Data captured includes pages visited, device information, geo location and other similar information. Dygitized uses this information for a variety of reasons:
  • Monitor the site performance (page load times, mobile vs desktop access levels, time spent per page)
  • Monitor the popularity of given pages - e.g. understand which pages are popular.
  • Monitoring referrals - understanding where traffic came from.
A full list of what is captured can be seen here.
Standard Server Logging
Server logs are maintained using the standard default implementation for two purposes. These are for ensuring correct operation of the system (e.g. detecting and preventing fraudulent access), and for ensuring the security of the system (e.g. whitelists). Personal data captured on these logs (chiefly in the form of IP addresses) shall not be used for any other purpose.

How we use your information

Dygitized uses information for the following key purposes:

  • To improve site performance
  • To identify popular pages
  • To identify where visitors are being referred from (e.g. search engine)
  • To identify general location of visitors
  • Specifically with Facebook - using the Facebook tools to understand which articles are most viewed, shared and commented on. This information is stored solely on the Facebook platform.
What we do not do

We do not share any information either directly captured through server logs, or captured through Facebook or Google Analytics with any external partners. We do not store any completed 'Contact Us' forms, or associated email addresses on the platform.

What does 'I Accept' imply?

Clicking on 'I Accept' implies your consent to collect and use the information defined above. Specifically, it endorses the use of Google Analytics, Facebook, Cloudflare and server logging data capture.

What does 'Reject All' imply?

Clicking on 'Reject All' will result in all Google Analytics and Facebook interactions being blocked (the scripts will not be loaded at all). Cloudflare is an essential service, and cannot be blocked as the site will not function without this service. Similarly, all standard server logs remain in place, as these cannot be disabled and are also required for operational purposes.

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Privacy Statement

This site uses cookies and captures browsing activity in order to help us identify user trends and develop new content. Site activty is captured by Google, and Facebook like,comment and share features are provided by Facebook. Click OK to accept, or reject to block.