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Sage Connect

Sage Connect enables automated data capture and data entry for Purchase Order Invoices in to Sage Accounting. This end to end solution requires nothing more than a connection to the internet and access to any one of the current popular browsers - there is no software to install of any kind.

The Case for Automated Invoice Processing.

Manually processing invoices is costly. According to studies by Sterling Commerce, estimates range from £9 through to £28 per invoice depending on the complexity and number of line items. Errors during data entry typically cost up to £38 to rectify once they had been identified. The studies further found that the average cost of automated invoice entry is reduced by up to 90% with a 37% reduction in data entry errors.

Sage Connect works in conjunction with the ReadSoft OCR Invoice extraction platform (owned by Kofax), which has over 25,000 customers globally. Extracted data from ReadSoft is then processed, formatted and presented to the end user through the Dygitized portal. Teams can simply review and approve a purchase order invoice and create the record in Sage Accounting with a single click.

Why use Sage Connect?

Sage Connect provides a simple 3 step process to get an invoice into Sage Accounting. If desired, you can segregate the data entry and approval process to different teams or individuals. The interface is crisp and clean, making it very easy to review invoices pending approval, with basic checks performed by the platform. These checks include ensuring line items NET values have been calculated correctly and ensuring that total NET value matches the line item totals. Once users are familiar with the platform, it is possible to extract, review and approve a multiline invoice in under 2 minutes.

Is the platform using AI?

The Readsoft platform uses a template based system to extract invoice data. The platform learns the invoice templates that you use, and over a short period of time, is able to correctly extract the vast majority of invoice information before the user has even logged in to review the invoices.

Key Features:

  • Accepts invoices in PDF, JPG, PNG or TIF formats
  • Simple and Easy Invoice Extraction process
  • Clean and Efficient Invoice Approval Process
  • Creates Sage Purchase Order Invoices with all line items and attaches a copy of the invoice
  • Optional Segregated Data Entry and Approval rights
  • Data Integrity Checks help reduce verification errors
Workflow Steps:

Automated Invoice Capture and Data Entry in 3 easy steps with Sage Connect or Sage Connect Plus

Step 1: Submit an Invoice: Simply send the invoice you want to process via email to the platform. You can attach e-invoices in PDF format, or use 'Scan to Mail' enabled printers to send JPG, PNG or TIFF format pictures of invoices. You can attach multiple invoices per email.

Step 2: Review the OCR Capture of the invoice - Data Entry teams use the ReadSoft web site to review the data extracted via OCR using a simple, easy to use interface. Once you have verified that the data has been captured simply click approve the invoice for processing.

Step 3: Log in to Dygitized The Dygitized web site presents a list of all approved invoices ready for Sage. Finance teams simply review the invoice, check the ledger coding and click "Approve" to create the record in Sage. The invoice general information such as Invoice Number, Due Date etc are all stored along with the coded line items and a copy of the original invoice is attached as a PDF.

Pricing depends on invoice volumes. Please fill out the form below to get an estimate.


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Sage Connect Plus

Our premium product, with automated ledger coding and improved validation checking from Dygitized.

Supported Sage Versions

We currently support Sage Accounting. To use the Dygitized products, you must have set up your VAT Registration within SAGE in order to process invoices. During the registration process, Sage will request your permission to allow the Sage Connect software to interact with your account. Please note that your user name and password authentication are performed directly with SAGE and are not visible to Dygitized.

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