Sage Automation Tools.

Solutions for managing Purchase Order Invoice capture and entry with Sage Accounting .

Automated Invoice Capture and Data Entry in 3 easy steps with Sage Connect or Sage Connect Plus

Step 1: Submit an Invoice: Simply send the invoice you want to process via email to the platform. You can attach e-invoices in PDF format, or use 'Scan to Mail' enabled printers to send JPG, PNG or TIFF format pictures of invoices. You can attach multiple invoices per email.

Step 2: Review the OCR Capture of the invoice - Data Entry teams use the ReadSoft web site to review the data extracted via OCR using a simple, easy to use interface. Once you have verified that the data has been captured simply click approve the invoice for processing.

Step 3: Log in to Dygitized The Dygitized web site presents a list of all approved invoices ready for Sage. Finance teams simply review the invoice, check the ledger coding and click "Approve" to create the record in Sage. The invoice general information such as Invoice Number, Due Date etc are all stored along with the coded line items and a copy of the original invoice is attached as a PDF.

Our Sage Products

Sage Connect

Our base product, supporting automated invoice capture and data entry with Sage Accounting. Requires a VAT Registered SAGE Accounting subscription.

Sage Connect Plus

Our premium product, with automated ledger coding and improved validation checking from Dygitized.

The Business Case

Put simply, manual data entry is time consuming and prone to error. But there are additional hidden costs, such as delays caused in entering invoices resulting in late payment fees, time spent dealing with more supplier inquiries following up on payments as well as other downstream impacts such as inaccurate forecasts as a result of inaccurate data.

Sage Connect improves the speed of invoice entry, improves the accuracy of data entry, and frees up teams to focus on other tasks.

Supported Sage Versions

We currently support Sage Accounting. To use the Dygitized products, you must have set up your VAT Registration within SAGE in order to process invoices. During the registration process, Sage will request your permission to allow the Sage Connect software to interact with your account. Please note that your user name and password authentication are performed directly with SAGE and are not visible to Dygitized.

View our products

Sage Accounting Solutions
Sage Solutions

Solutions for automated PO Invoice data extraction, validation and insertion into Sage Accounting.

Xero Accounting Solutions
Xero Solutions

Solutions for automated invoice processing and financial reports.

HubSpot CRM Integration
HubSpot Solutions

Easily exchange supplier, product and deal data between HubSpot and Sage or Xero.

Automated CSV File Invoicing
Automated Invoicing Solutions

Solutions to automate the conversion of CSV Sales Invoice data in to PDF invoices which can be mailed to your customers.

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