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Dygitized has a team of professional project managers, developers, testers and designers to support customers on their WordPress projects.

Dygitized has a team of professional project managers, developers, testers and designers to support customers on their WordPress projects. Our teams can provide you with specific support around the following areas:

Theme and Plugin Usage - Our team can provide help and support on WordPress Themes and Plugins such as WooCommerce. If you need a custom theme, or support making one, Dygitized developers can support your build.

Design UI and UX Best Practices - Get a design review from our Design team, who can guide you in best practice methodologies - giving you visibility on what you can do to improve your conversion rates, improved user journeys and getting more from your site.

Development Best Practices - The Dygitized development team has experience across both Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies, and the surrounding tools and technologies. Dygitized makes use of automation tools for unit testing, deployment, optimization and much more, and can support you in setting up your own development lifecycle around these tools leading to reduced development costs. The team can help you with any of the following elements which can be used within the WordPress development cycle:

  • Frameworks: Codeigniter, Woo Commerce, Flutter
  • Databases: MySQLi, Firebase - with capabilities to extend server side
  • Libraries: JQuery, React
  • CSS: SaSS
  • Tools: GIT VCS, DeployBot, Jira, Adobe XD

Auditing Services - Get a site review on your technical performance, and see what can be done to improve load times, reduce bounce and improve your retention rates.

Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and Google Analytics - Gain insights in to how well your site is performing. See where you common entry and exit points are, and get recommendations on what you can do to improve conversion based on your customers usage history (assuming Google Analytics or similar has already been configured and captured sufficient data).


Dygitized has a simple approach to consultation services. Consultation hours are purchased in blocks of 40 hours. Hours worked are tracked on time sheets with detailed information work performed. Once hours are expended, additional blocks can be purchased. Any output from the work - for example, reports, audit results, are shared with the customer as they are made.

Source code can be delivered in a variety of formats, but Dygitized prefer and recommend the usage of GIT for this process.

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