WordPress Development Services.

Maintain your own web site with a site built on WordPress.

WordPress Development Services

We can support your development needs from a simple single page online presence through to a large online product catalog or e-commerce solution. Our team has delivered WordPress solutions to companies around the globe.

WordPress Development Services

WordPress is a powerful, flexible framework which can be used to generate sites from simple blogs through to complex e-commerce sites. The Dygitized development team are all experienced former blue chip company developers, with a track record in delivering sites from small scale informational sites through to brand name multi currency, multi language e-commerce transactional sites handling large volumes of shipments across multiple warehouses crossing multiple tax jurisdictions.

The Development Process

Dygitized believes that communication is key to a successful project. Projects are broken down in to 5 distinct stages, with regular customer and team meetings to review progress, issues and change requests. The five stages are:

Requirements Gathering - A Project Manager is assigned to work with you to define and document your site requirements. They will help to define your design requirements, functional requirements and non functional requirements. Once the scope of the site has been mutually agreed, the project will move to the next phase.

Development - The project team will set up all of the required development environments which are used during the build. The site is then built incrementally, with regular review periods to show progress and ensure alignment on the delivery. Testing is performed as features are completed, with automated testing tools and deployment tools used to speed up the regression testing process.

User Acceptance Testing - The team hands over the site to the customer for User Acceptance testing. The customer has a pre-agreed amount of time to test against the site against the requirements using different browsers and devices.

Go Live - The site will be pushed live once User Acceptance Testing is complete. The complexity of the go live process often depends on the type of site build. New sites are relatively simple, but when migrating from existing sites, there may be some down time required for data migration and other checks. Any required end user training will be performed in this stage.

Post Live - For any project over 500 hours, the Dygitized Project Manager will support you for the first month post go live at no additional cost. The standard support package is email support, with a 2 working day response SLA. Higher levels of support can be provided at additional cost.

Responsive Web Site Support

WordPress supports a technology called responsive web design. This means that you can use one code base which will work on a variety of screen sizes. Dygitzed sites use this technology by default, and defines 3 screen sizes, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

The technology does not work perfectly across all devices and screen types, and as such Dygitized will work with you to define a primary browser for each screen size. This is the browser which will actively be used during development and testing. An example (but common) set of selections are:

  • Desktop Browser: Chrome
  • Table Browser: Safari (I Pad)
  • Mobile Browser: Chrome (Android)

Additional browser coverage can be added as required at additional cost. The additional coverage can be comprehensive, or secondary. Secondary coverage is defined as ensuring that all major functionality works (and anything not working would be fixed), whilst ignoring minor design issues, such as overlapped text. Secondary coverage is typically used within the industry and a good compromised between cost and coverage.


Dygitized has a simple approach to customer engagement. Projects are classified as either 'mini projects', which covers all projects which are less than 160 hours, and 'full projects' for anything over 160 hours. The steps for this are as follows:

Step 1: Initial Ballpark Quote - The Dygitized team will engage with you to obtain a high level understanding of the requirements. This is essentially a summary of every major feature which needs to be included in the delivery and a high level understanding of design requirements. Once this initial information has been captured, Dygitized will generate a ballpark quote with a +/- margin of error. If this ballpark estimate is less than 160 hours, the project will be classified as a 'mini project' and at this stage, if agreed, a 50% deposit will be paid and Development will begin (Step 3). If it is over 160 hours, we proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Letter Of Intent - If the ballpark quote is over 160 hours, and is acceptable, a Letter of Intent is signed. The letter effectively engages the Dygitized team to work with the customer to generate a detailed quote. If this detailed quote falls outside of the ballpark quote, the customer is free to walk away at no cost. If the quote is within the ballpark range, the project will be considered approved. If the customer wishes to cancel and is within the ballpark range, then the customer is required to pay for time spend on documenting the requirements.

Step 3: Development and Testing - At this point a detailed project plan is formed with committed dates by feature. Regular update meetings are held during the development phase on any project over 1 month in duration. During these meetings, the customer is shown updates of the development work on the test server (which they have access to). Once a feature is complete, the hours logged against it are billed out in a monthly cycle. Using this approach, Dygitized is not paid until a feature is complete, and the customer does not need to worry about getting to the end of a project and finding the end product not fit for purpose.

Step 4: Post Go Live - At this point, the site is live. Any outstanding billing will be processed. Upon payment completion, the customer will receive the following:

  • Adobe XD Designs
  • Source Code
  • Website Configuration and Deployment guide
  • User Manual
  • 1 month post live support

Source code can be delivered in a variety of formats, but Dygitized prefer and recomend the usage of GIT for this process.

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